The 16th of November of 2018, several rearchers of SAL group from the University of Málaga (Eligius M.T. Hendrix, Cleo Kortenhorst and Maartje de Jong), visited us to give a seminar about  how to work on order policies (control rules) in perishable inventory control.

Cleo Kortenhorst and Maartje de Jong are MSc students from Wageningen University supervised by Eligius M.T. They are working on implementing efficient policies for the inventory control problem using Python language. 

Foto: Cleo, Maartje and Eligius.

Last the 1st June, IBM organized the event "Universities, leading innovation and future development, thanks to technology" in Madrid. The High Performance Computing and Algorithms group thanks IBM the invitation. In the event, topics such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing were discussed. IBM showed several news like its new quantum computer, which is going to have 20 qubits and will be accesible from the IBM Quantum Experience.

On the 1st and 2nd of February 2018, the IX CAPAP-H Winter Seminar has been celebrated in Santander. Gracia Ester Martín Garzón, Juan José Moreno Riado and Francisco José Orts Gómez attended as representatives of our group. The main topic of this edition has been Quantum Computing, with Francisco J. Gálvez Domínguez as IBM expert on this subject.
From our group, we want to thank to the local organization committee of the University of Cantabria for the help with accommodation and meals, and their amiability. Thank you very much!