Grupo durante la sesión de póster


Between 20 to 22 April was held 4th International Conference on Work-Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (IWBBIO) in Granada. It brought together researchers from different areas: computer science, mathematics, statistics, biology, bioinformatics and biomedicine.

Part of our research group (Pilar Martínez Ortigosa, Juani López Redondo and Savíns Puertas Martín) in close collaboration with researchers from the Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia presented the work developed in recent months through a poster. In it, it explained how to solve by monoobjetivo evolutionary algorithm to compare the form of ligands. During the poster session, the work was very popular among different researchers who are especially interested in the parallelization of the algorithm.


The title of the exposed work can be seen below:

Enhancing Molecular Shape Comparison by a Global Evolutionary Algorithm, Savíns P. Martín1, Juana L. Redondo1, Helena den-Haan2, H. Perez-Sanchez2 and P.M. Ortigosa1

1Supercomputing: Algorithm Research Group (TIC-146) Department of Informatics, ceiA3, University of Almeria, Spain

2Bioinformatics and High Performance Computing Research Group (BIO-HPC),Computer Science Department, Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM), Spain


In the image below you can see the group during the poster session.

This July, from 3rd to 6th, some of the members of our research group have attended to the CMMSE (International Conference Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering) conference, in its 16th edition, edition, which has been celebrated in Rota, Cádiz, Spain, to present their most recent works. Specifically, Pilar Martínez Ortigosa, Ester Martín Garzón, Juan José Moreno Riado and Nicolás Calvo Cruz have been to the conference. All the presented works have had a very positive acceptance. This picture was taken at the poster session:


The entire titles of their works are included next:

  • N.C. Cruz, J.L. Redondo, J.D. Álvarez, M. Berenguel and P.M. Ortigosa. On applying a parallel Teaching­Learning­Based optimization procedure for automatic heliostat aiming. In 16th International Conference Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, Vol. 2, pp. 424­432, 2016. (Talk presentation)
  • J.J. Moreno, G. Ortega, E. Filatovas, J.A. Martínez and E.M. Garzón. Evaluation of an Evolutionary Multi­Objective Optimization algorithm on a ARM+GPU system. In 16th International Conference Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, Vol. 3, pp. 893­896, 2016. (Poster presentation)
  • G. Ortega, A.M. Puertas and E.M. Garzón. Accelerating Microrheology models on HPC architectures. In 16th International Conference Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, Vol. 3, pp. 932­937, 2016. (Poster presentation)

By following this link, the complete proceedings book can be found:

The UGR has invested Doctor Honoris Causa to Professor Mateo Valero Cortés, professor of Computer Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and director of the National Supercomputing Centre (Barcelona). The event was held on the Royal Hospital of Granada Cruise. The ceremony was attended by some members of the SAL group.

In the same act was also invested Doctor Honoris Causa Doctor Miguel Ríos, a singer from Granada.

The official photos of the event, speeches and achievements of Professor Mateo Valero in Supercomputing can be seen here.