A project of the SAL research group is involved in the Google Summer of Code for the second time.

The P2PSP.org project, led by members of the High Performanze Computing and Algorithm research group, is taking part of the GSoC program as a mentor organziation for the second time, this is an international program in which Google awards stipends of 5500$ to all students who successfully complete a requested free and open-source software coding project during the summer.

Last year, three students of three diferent countries (Russia, India and Germany) worked on the project improving several aspect of the protocol. P2PSP is an open application-layer protocol (P2P based) for the real-time streaming of media content over the Internet. One of the most important goal of the project is to shape the future Internet TV.

The Students, advised by members of the research group, got to improve the protocol in several interesting topics such us security, efficiency and human-computer interaction.

Know more about the project at http://ww.p2psp.org

Juan Pablo y Cristóbal en la cumbre de mentores del Google Summer of Code en California.

Juan Pablo García y Cristóbal Medina in the GSoC mentor summit in Google, California.

Last monday 25th January, our mate Guillermo Aparicio defended his PhD thesis entitled Bisección iterativa de un simplex regular: Paralelización. It is the result of his research along his period as a PhD student.

It studies and analizes some key aspects regarding bisection by the longest side of a regular simplex. Algorithm which study simplices shapes in the binary search tree was developed, getting a sequence of division that allow to generate the minimum tree.

This thesis is available in the thesis section to everyone who is interested at it.

Defensa tesis Guillermo Aparicio

We are proud to announce that our brand new website for the Supercomputing: Algorithms' group is publicly available from now. It aims to show not only our group and researching results but also to make Science available to everyone interested at it by publishing general public-oriented and enjoyable blog entries. In this line, this new website will be also used to announce interesting events such as seminars and our participation in divulgative activities (e.g., our recent talks in The European Researchers' Night and in the Week of Science). We would like to include information about our researching infrastructure too.

To conclude this happy opening we will show you some screenshots regarding the evolution of our website along the years. We hope you like them!


Paginas web del grupo SAL