Last January, several members of the SAL group participated in the VIII Seminario de Invierno de la red CAPAP-H. One part of the seminar was about sharing knowledge and current work. Our mates Miriam and José Manuel took part on it with two different talks: Optimización de procesos de altas presiones en la industria alimenticia and division regular de símplices para resolución de problemas de Blending. The rest of presentations are available online at

Miriam durante su charlaMiriam durante su charla

After talks session, we attendanced the course titled "Uso de plataformas ARM en enseñanzas de Informática" taught by Professor Rafael Asenjo y Professor Maria Ángeles González. We spent all Tuesday in the practical session of the course. We learnt a lot of insteresting things about Raspberry Pi and Android with activities with the focus on teaching.

Jose Manuel durante su charla

José Manuel durante su charla

Some days ago we visited Porto, the city that held the 16th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA). Our mate Cristóbal Medina gave a talk titled "On Pollution Attacks In Fully Connected P2P Networks Using Trusted Peers". In this work he shared our progress in P2P network security topics. Especifically in the detection of pollution attacks using Trusted Peers.

As same as in other meettings, there were several interesting talks from international researchers. However, the conference was not only about security but also about other topics like optimization, neural networks or machine learning. In the social side, we had time to speak and share ideas with the rest of attendees. It was a great experience that should be repeat soon.

Cristóbal durante su exposición en ISDA16

Last September 14th, our partner Nicolás Calvo Cruz gave his talk in the 27th edition of the Jornadas de Paralelismo national conference. The event, which was held in Salamanca this year, lasted from Septembed 14th to September 16th. There were numerous interesting talks about different topics such as vide HEVC coding, agent-based simulations and hyperspectral image processing. The work of our partner, entitled "Aplicando un procedimiento de optimización paralelo Teaching-Learning para el enfoque automático de helióstatos", was also of interest for the attendants and some questions were asked about its details. Next, the reference of the work is included for anyone interested at it:

  • N.C. Cruz, J.L. Redondo, J.D. Álvarez, M. Berenguel y P.M. Ortigosa. Aplicando un procedimiento de optimización paralelo Teaching-Learning para el enfoque automático de helióstatos. En Actas de las 27º Jornadas de Paralelismo, pp. 135-139, 14-16 Septiembre, Salamanca, 2016.

Finally, the front page of his presentation is shown: