The 26th of February of 2019, Miriam Ruiz Ferrández defended her PhD. PhD supervisors were Juana Lopez Redondo (University of Almería) and Benjamín Ivorra (University Complutense of Madrid).


In this thesis, which is entitled “Modelization and Optimization of Health Problems via High-Performance Computing”, some decision tools have been proposed using a novel approach, that is based on the multi-objectivization of problems and the preferences of decision makers. As the main core of these tools, different algorithms from the literature are studied. According to the experimental tests performed in this work, the algorithm providing the best results for solving the considered problems is the one known as WASF-GA (Weighting Achievement Scalarizing Function – Genetic Algorithm). Then, different versions of WASF-GA have been developed. On the one hand, a parallel version has been implemented in a shared-memory framework using some high-performance computing techniques. On the other hand, alternative mechanisms have been proposed to generate new candidate solutions and classifying them, achieving significant improvements in convergence and quality of solutions. Those tools have been applied to solve computationally expensive problems that are related to health, such as food processing by means of high-pressure treatments and parameters’ adjustment in epidemiological models to predict disease spread.


In the photo appear Miriam Ruiz with her supervisors (Juana López and Benjamín Iborra), her tutor (Pilar Martínez) and the commitee (Inmaculada García Fernández (University of Málaga), Boglárka Gazdag-Tóth (University of Szeged) and Ángel Manuel Ramos del Olmo (University Complutense of Madrid)).

The 16th of November of 2018, several rearchers of SAL group from the University of Málaga (Eligius M.T. Hendrix, Cleo Kortenhorst and Maartje de Jong), visited us to give a seminar about  how to work on order policies (control rules) in perishable inventory control.

Cleo Kortenhorst and Maartje de Jong are MSc students from Wageningen University supervised by Eligius M.T. They are working on implementing efficient policies for the inventory control problem using Python language. 

Foto: Cleo, Maartje and Eligius.