Global Optimization Workshops

High Performance Computing - Algorithms research group organized GO'05 and MAGO'14, and supports this page.

Global Optimization, the field including theory, methods and applications of optimization techniques aimed at detecting a global optimum for difficult mathematical programming problems in which many local optima might exist, is a rich area of research.
The Global Optimization Workshops is a forum to present and discuss the latest results and challenges in global optimization and to meet world-leading researchers in the field.
As shown below, the subject generates many papers published in qualified scientific journals and books; a journal and a series of monographs explicitly dedicated to the field exist now. Research done by PhD students, young researchers and seniors is scattered over the world and we see GO applied in many scientific fields.

List of Global Optimization Workshops

TOGO'10 (Tolouse Global Optimization)
SAGO'08(International Workshop on Stochastic and applied Global Optimization)
AGO'07 (Advances in Global Optimization Methods and Applications)
GO'05 (International Workshop on Global Optimization)
International Conference on Frontiers in Global Optimization
Let's GO 2001
Third Workshop on Global Optimization
Second Workshop on Global Optimization
First Workshop on Global Optimization